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7 Tips to Take a Stunning Matrimonial Profile Picture

7 Tips to Take a Stunning Matrimonial Profile Picture

7 Tips to Take a Stunning Matrimonial Profile Picture

Finding a partner online has become the order of the day, and more and more people are visiting matrimonial sites in search of one. If you are creating a matrimony profile for yourself or for someone, you must have a stunning profile picture taken professionally, or otherwise.

Irrespective of having an impressive portfolio about yourself in the matrimony website, you need to complement it with stunning, realistic picture. The wise say that a picture speaks a thousand words; nothing in the world can moot that.

So here are some interesting tips that you can use to create a truly beautiful matrimonial profile picture.

1. It should Reflect your Personality

When you put up a matrimonial profile and then add a photo to it, you are telling about yourself to the world. You are creating an impression about yourself and how other people would perceive you. Do your homework prior to taking your picture.

Clothing and background are two important factors in your picture. The clothing you wear must be ones in which you are comfortable in, and are generally used to. Your background can be something related to your work, your home or someplace that you like to be when you are not working. If you like to keep a few props that signify your hobby, (for example, photography, fishing etc.) then it would be even better.

2. Look Real, Feel Real

If you look real, then you will probably feel real to other people. The moment you freeze as your matrimonial profile picture must be about you. It would be good if you do not Photoshop your pictures, lest they look artificial.

The photos that you post must create an aura of authenticity to look appealing. If you are going to pose in a way that is going to make you look uncomfortable, then it will feel so in the ultimate output. Natural and soft lighting would make you look real.

3. Show them your Smile

“A smile doesn’t cost you anything, but it helps in many ways” – a true and meaningful observation. If eyes are the windows to your character, a smile would probably be the mirror to your personality. A natural, friendly smile would make you look like a nice, fun-loving person. When you look directly into the camera and smile, the result would be an interactive profile picture.

Your smile can trigger conversation, and you would probably get more people to contact you. There is actually no logic why you should smile in your photos, but smiling faces mean happiness, and happiness is something people like to see. You wouldn’t want a serious face staring out of a webpage, would you? Having a naturally smiling face is always better.

4. Use Proper Lighting

When you take a picture of yourself make sure there is at least one headshot. Your profile picture must be sufficiently lighted, but do not squint and glare at the lens. If you want to take your photo in natural light, well and good, but it must flatter the best features of your face.

5. Let your Crowning Glory Look really Glorious

Your hair defines your face and when you sport a hairstyle that you would be most comfortable in then it will help in creating a good profile picture. Make sure there is a light wind that can tousle your hair a bit. Hair that is let loose looks much better for a matrimonial picture than hair that is tightly pulled back and tied.

Women who tie their hair in a ponytail or plait it might look serious, rigid and controlled. Men can dress themselves in a comfortable and relaxed manner, but scraggly beards and disheveled hair won’t look good on them for a matrimonial website.

6. Get a Professional Photographer to Do the Job

You can either go to a photo studio or hire the services of a portrait photographer to get your profile picture taken. Take photos in various moods and angles so you have several options to choose from. After all, you can post more than one photo in matrimonial websites.

The quality of picture would be great and you may not have to doctor the images to enhance yourself. The picture must be the real you. It can highlight the best features and downsize the negatives, but the end result shouldn’t be too different from the original.

7. “Squinch” your Eyes when you Look at the Camera

Make your eyes look compact and don’t stare right into the camera. Staring right into the camera lens gives off an “I am afraid” expression. “Squinching” would make you look confident and assured. You can squinch your eyes by narrowing them both and tightening the lower eyelids.  You can also tilt your head slightly down or angle your eyes upwards to create a stunning effect.

Bonus Tip: Show your Good Side

Yes, there is a good side to your face, and it is the left side. The left side can highlight emotions in your face in greater intensity and pleasantness, so make sure you have at least one picture showing the left side of your face.

We hope the tips outlined in this article help you take a perfectly stunning picture for your matrimonial profile that’s sure to turn a lot of heads!

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